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Camp O is a house-studio in the Catskills, New York where living and working spaces coexist in a single building that reinterprets the local vernacular architecture. The materials and elements are the same as in neighboring barns, houses and cabins (concrete foundation, wood siding, plywood sheathing, wood stud walls, beams and joists, metal double-pitched roof); but they are treated, assembled and organized with a contemporary approach, becoming the basis of the design and perception of the house. The result is a combination of humble materials with minimum detailing that require minimum maintenance, weather naturally and change through time in tune with the surrounding woods.

ARCHITECT: María Milans del Bosch COAM, Maria Milans Studio, LLC, AOR: Jocelyn Froimovich RA, STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING: Luke Amey PE,  LIA Engineering, LLC, SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANT: Ignacio Medina and Isabel Silvestre, I + I Studio


Drawings © Maria Milans Studio, LLC & Photography © Montse Zamorano



"Maria Milans Studio's residential project is a contemporary reinterpretation of vernacular architecture, built on existing foundations to reduce the environmental impact of the new building to zero."

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Life in the woods



2018 COAM & Luis M. Mansilla Awards 

"2018 COAM Luis M. Mansilla Awards' objective is to celebrate excellence in built architecture, professional practice and exemplary initiatives that contribute to the outreach of Architecture's cultural values."

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