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As well as being able to address a strong topographic change the different indoor and outdoor spaces of this house interplay with six centennial cork trees and open up to outstanding views of the nearby park and the sea.

Camp O is a house-studio in the Catskills, New York where living and working spaces coexist in a single building that reinterprets the local vernacular architecture.

This surgical renovation consists on cutting three large openings at strategic locations of the house and building a lightweight aluminum pergola along the East-West Axis of the property creating a cascade of “outdoor rooms” to be enjoyed during the spring and summer months. In the wintertime, the sails attached to the pergola get stored letting direct sunlight inundate the interior of the house.



"A designer's country house uses well-placed windows to keep temperatures in check and views unobstructed."

"Maria Milans Studio's residential project is a contemporary reinterpretation of vernacular architecture, built on existing foundations to reduce the environmental impact of the new building to zero." 

"2018 COAM Luis M. Mansilla Awards' objective is to celebrate excellence in built architecture, professional practice and exemplary initiatives that contribute to the outreach of Architecture's cultural values."



17th Venice Biennale

Spanish Pavilion

Curatorial proposal for the Spanish Pavilion answering the question "How will we live together?" proposed by the 20th Venice Architecture Biennale curator, Hashim Sarkis.

The backdrop for this studio was a Competition called “Big Ideas for Small Lots” addressing housing in these small lots, the timing of this competition for the studio was perfect as students have been able to attend several lectures and exhibitions addressing this theme.


Fall Studio 2019 

The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 invited Matthew Baird Architects and four other young architecture firms to generate a series of design strategies to help address the inevitable rising water levels within New York Harbor.