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0 reinventing the shoreline salton sea _

The aim is to produce fresh water from salt water, making the process profitable not only because of the energy produced but also because of the inclusion of tourist facilities. The site, whether this is a lake or a coastal area, is to be architecturally transformed creating a new landscape. Conceptually, the proposal reinvents a site, using industry to produce fresh water and energy. This clean-industry will be profitable when mixed with tourism. The solar desalting plants create the new topology. Salt will be the material creating the new identity. Time, salt, industry and leisure will design this new landscape.

Energy production is the way to achieve our target of a sustainable environment. In order to profit further from the desalting plants we propose an overlap between the energy production and tourist uses by means of a series of seasonal operations, which commits the relationship between their production cycles. Various recreational activities are related to the different ponds of the desalination plant, unifying everything under the same skin.


ARCHITECT: María Milans del Bosch COAM, Maria Milans Studio, LLC and Jesús Donaire COAM, Jesus Donaire Architecture + Communication Office


Drawings © Maria Milans Studio, LLC  & © Jesus Donaire Architecture + Communication Office


Revista Fundamentos

COAM Magazine

"Proyecto de investigación para la regeneración y sostenibilidad del etorno paisajistico de Salton Lake en California, EEUU. Universidad de Columbia. Nueva York, 2007."

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"Premio con objeto de recuperar, potenciar y valorar la condición cultural de las herramientas atemporales de la arquitectura"

13 reinventing the shoreline salton sea


THIRD PRIZE - I Premio Fundamentos Exhibition, COAM, Madrid, Spain, 2009

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